DMCA (Take Down Request)


Here at HKL Productions, we are proud of how we have always respected the art world in as many different ways as we can. Artists' appreciation and respect are also our first priority when we do our business. We will guarantee that our works of art will never infringe the rights of intellectual property as well as the trademarks of other companies, authors, other vendors on the market rather than the trademarks of other ones from our team.

Several international treaties on intellectual property have been distributed across countries, but each is distinct from the other. However, we take some of them as examples, as follows:


First of all, the law of COPYRIGHT, which will secure the creation of an original concept captured in a tangible medium, such as artwork in photographs or wall paintings, as well as literary works such as stories and poems.


The second is the TRADEMARK LAW, which prohibits the development and use of unique marks, designs or logos in terms of phrases, figures, shapes used to differentiate a good from another.


The third is PUBLICITY RIGHTS, used to shield the identity, picture or likeness of the particular person. More importantly, this legislation forbids one person from using another's identity in order to obtain commercial advantage without prior permission.

The fourth one is NOTE ON FAIR USE. "Fair use" is a very difficult term to grasp, particularly for experts. This means that you will be able to integrate the copyright or trademark of someone else into your own work, so that you do so in such a way as to be deemed "fair use" or in such a way as to qualify as another legal usage. However, the definition of "fair use" is not the same across nations, so even though you think that you have produced a work that is entitled to "fair use" or other legal usage, you should obtain a lawyer's opinion before using it in conjunction with the HKL Productions service. In the event that we receive some information on possible infringement problems, we have to start work no matter what.